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This pillar deals with the development of the cognitive ability, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. It relates to the technical aspects of learning. Our lessons in the classes are about giving sufficient space to the children to collaborate with each other and connect their learning with the things they do and involve themselves in, everyday.

Both our Facilitators and the children ask a lot of questions and reason out the why behind everything. This makes our children more curious and open new paths for exploration for them!


This pillar deals with the physical development. The key to a healthy mind and heart is a healthy body. We, at Aarambh believe in having spaces for the students where they can concentrate on developing and maintaining their physical strength. A healthy body keeps the mind fresh maintaining the overall balance for a sound and a meaningful life!

We use this pillar to explain other concepts as well. All the concepts are thought to be taught in a way that students use some body movements and remain actively engaged in the classrooms.


This pillar deals with our emotions. Our heart is the fountain of all emotions. Emotions add meaning to the human life, its relationships and make this world a better place to live in.
Education can be called education in its true sense only when it is applied to create an impact in the society or in the environment to live in. Through our lessons, we endeavor to make our students sensitive beings.

At the end we want all the children to spread happiness all around and leave a mark wherever they go, and in doing whatever they do!


This pillar of our Philosophy deals with being Self-aware.

At Aarambh, we strive hard to provide an environment to our students, which definitely enrich their souls, and pave a path of success for them - which in our context mean that they will pave a path towards becoming better human beings.

Through our methodology, we ensure that the students are able to identify different problems around them and then strive hard to find solutions for them, thereby making an impact!

Welcome to the Aarambh School

The most innovative schools in Raipur. We at The Aarambh School strongly believe that education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself! Our aim is to provide modern education with learning execution. Aarambh is one of the top CBSE schools in Raipur that provides international curriculum, hands-on learning, progressive education, state of the art infrastructure and lush green campus. We believe in teaching essential qualities to the students that would help them to face the upcoming challenges efficiently. All these unique features make Aarambh as one of the most preferred international schools in Raipur.

The Aarambh School has CBSE academic curriculum that helps students to learn value-based education.

The Aarambh school has a unique method of teaching where students learn critical thinking and self–management skills, this evolves us as the best schools in Raipur.

Aarambh School

Core Values

It’s about living a meaningful life and leave a legacy behind for the generations to come.This can be achieved by holistic development of all four faculties.


At Aarambh, we believe that at the core of all our work lies the happiness of our children & to be able to bring about a difference in everyone’s life!


For respect is the greatest expression of love, care and humility towards one and all.


For Commitment is something that transforms a promise into reality.


To empathise is to see with the eyes of another, listen with the ears of another and to feel with the heart of another

what people say about Us

Of course I love Aarambh and the whole team of Aarambhars... They all are bunch of happiness, passion, posivitivity, fun, education etc... no words to explain... bt I know one thing that my child is very happy n his smile makes me happy when he is in Aarambh school.

Ritika Batra
Ritika Batra

A journey that begins with true passion is a journey well begun and sure to reach its destination in due course of time. One such exemplary journey of vision and hope is the beginning or ''aarambh" of Aarambh.

Aanchal Garcha
Aanchall Garcha

I am Amazed to see the amount of development work going on in this school. Truly impressive. Big schools can learn a lot from here. You are doing wonderful workds. My best wishes to all the teachers and students of the school. Aarambh rocks!

Shweta Thombe Puri
A Well Wisher, Indore
Shweta Thombe Puri

We are really happy that my child with aarambh enjoying every part in school such a really good startup of my child THANKS Aarambh

Omee Bajaj
Parent of Anmol Bajaj, Class 3
Omee Bajaj

Educators like us work with hundreds of schools in India. Of them, there are few schools who stand out as exemplars - as those that create an ongoing culture of excellence imbibing in it the work life balance of teachers, thriving for student leadership, nurturing life skills and millennium skills in students and thinking for parents thus creating a community of leaders. Aarambh is one such progressive school - Living their vision, always evolving and enriching lives. The resilience and growth mindset they build in their team is remarkable.

Bhanumathi Sundaresan
Educator, parent coach, Vizag
Mili Swarnakar

The most progressive school of Raipur.

Anupam Singh
Wildlife Scientist
Anupam Singh